Completing the HSD01-NF quick rolling door project in Binh Duong. Standard fast rolling doors are modern rolling shutter doors, considered as a solution to minimize risks and operating costs in warehouses, food processing workshops, seafood processing plants, etc. Or areas where loss of losses is required. heat, insects, dirt... Recently, Saigon Nam Phat has just completed the project of quick rolling doors in Binh Duong area under the satisfaction of customers here.

1. Customers choose the solution for fast rolling doors HSD01-NF

Customers in Binh Duong are a large corporation with the requirements for products to achieve maximum safety and effectiveness. Therefore, their warehouses have many problems in the attack of dirt and insects. Not to mention the frequent traffic, it takes a long time for the opening and closing process. And this greatly affects the quality of products in stock. Causing customers to spend a lot of time and money on preserving goods in the warehouse.

For that reason, customers have been looking for an automatic rolling door solution that can open / close quickly, with good sensors. Prevents insects, absolute dirt but still ensures convenient passage. At the same time, it is necessary to have a warranty policy, safe and complete maintenance. Especially, it must help the factory meet safety standards in production operation: ISO 14000, ISO 45001:2018…

After the process of searching for suppliers, customers in Binh Duong contacted Saigon Nam Phat to receive line advice. HSD01-NF . quick rolling door here.

Customer Service - HSD01-NF
Customers choose the fast rolling door solution HSD01-NF

2. Completing the HSD01-NF quick rolling door project in Binh Duong

The HSD01-NF series of fast rolling doors in Saigon Nam Phat are designed with PVC curtains. Fast opening and closing speed (min 0.6 - max 2 m/s) with the opening and closing mechanism according to the roller axis. In addition, it is integrated with modern control technology: radar, remote, background sensor, optical sensor, magnetic sensor, push button, interlock... according to European standards. Makes operation simple, safe and suitable for many different environments.

2.1 Outstanding features of HSD01-NF . quick rolling door


- Fast opening and closing speed: Save time, costs, minimize heat loss, prevent potential risks such as dust, insects, food hygiene and safety...

Stable and durable: The door frame is made of galvanized steel, which prevents the door from shaking when reaching the highest opening and closing speed.

- Modern design, ensuring aesthetics.

- Easy to use and clean: The control system is diverse and simple, the curtains are easy to clean and sanitize.

Completing the HSD01-NF quick rolling door project in Binh Duong
  • SAFE:

– There are 2 safety devices: optical sensor (when there is an obstacle, the door does not close), airbag obstacle sensor (when the door is closed, it will automatically roll up).

– Curtain material does not contain DOP which is harmful to health, UV radiation resistant, used in -15 to +50 degrees Celsius environment.

- Emergency notification system when there is a problem, easy to open manually if there is a power failure or technical failure.

– Helping the factory to meet safety standards in production operation: ISO 14000, ISO 45001:2018…

2.2 Transportation and installation of fast rolling doors in Binh Duong area

Transportation and installation of fast rolling doors in Binh Duong area

After the consultation and exchange process, the installation staff at Saigon Nam Phat proceeded directly to the area of ​​​​Binh Duong company. For the purpose of research, survey the installation location to create favorable conditions for the installation process to take place quickly and on schedule.

Saigon Nam Phat factory has accelerated the production of products according to customers' requirements in terms of size, color, quantity. All production processes are strictly conducted, through many testing processes to ensure optimal safety when using. The components and input materials are all imported to ensure durability and have clear origins.

After completing the product, the quality and safety of the rolling door will be tested. Next is a clean, thorough cleaning, careful packaging to ensure the right product quality. After that, the product will be shipped directly to the construction site.

The staff has carried out the installation according to the surveyed area and operated through the witness of the customer. Recently, the HSD01-NF quick rolling door project in Binh Duong area has been put into operation under the absolute satisfaction of customers.

3. Saigon Nam Phat The company specializes in providing genuine industrial doors

Currently on the market there are many units providing industrial door lines suitable for many warehouses and factories. But to find a unit that provides quality, safe, effective products at optimal prices is quite difficult. So what advantages does Saigon Nam Phat possess? Why do customers decide to choose?

  • Saigon Nam Phat is a direct manufacturer of fast rolling doors, without any intermediaries? Therefore, the product price will also be more optimal than other suppliers in the market.
  • But components and input materials are all imported goods with clear origin. The production process takes place strictly to ensure the quality as well as the requirements that the customer has set.
  • In addition, when buying products at Saigon Nam Phat, customers will receive the "before, during and after sales" care service. Same warranty policy, maintenance, full maintenance.
  • Not to mention, in addition to the line of fast rolling doors, Saigon Nam Phat also manufactures and supplies Overhead door, cold storage door, metal door...
  • Customers do not need to worry about the transportation process, because when choosing products at Saigon Nam Phat, there will be packaging and shipping services at home and abroad.

To receive a detailed quote can contact us for support. The consultant will provide you with a reference file, a detailed, complete and accurate price list.

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