PVC fast rolling doors at Thuan Dao Long An Industrial Park were timely and put into operation under the satisfaction of customers here. The system of fast rolling doors has been conquering domestic and foreign industrial customers with its outstanding advantages such as: fast opening and closing, flexible, modern and smart... Recently, the system of fast rolling doors has just been applied to a pharmaceutical factory in Long An. Let's find out with Naviflex what features does the quick roll door have and how is it applied to the factory?

1. High speed door at Naviflex

High-speed rolling door also known as High speed door Designed to control temperature and humidity conditions in the warehouse to ensure safe and smooth operation of the loading and unloading areas. In fact, fast rolling doors not only use advanced technologies to operate, but also support easy circulation with opening and closing speeds of min 0.6 - max 2 m/s. This saves time and costs, minimizes heat loss, and prevents potential risks such as dirt, insects, food hygiene and safety.

High speed door Naviflex

With the feature that the door body is made of double-sided polyester fabric with PVC coating, the frame is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel (depending on the environment and conditions of the installation area). Doors are used to install outside the warehouse or between the separating areas between the workshops. This is an indispensable solution for processing and manufacturing areas of pharmaceutical chemicals. Helping the factory to meet safety standards in production operation: ISO 2, ISO 14000:45001, ROHS, HACCP, GMP...

2. Reasons why Long An customers choose PVC fast rolling doors at Naviflex

Warehouses, industrial facilities, especially pharmaceutical factories often have strict requirements for temperature control. Because pharmaceuticals are very perishable goods, without a proper storage and preservation process. In particular, to achieve GMP standards requires the factory to be strict in optimal dust and environmental control.

The customer's factory in Long An has a fairly large area, the pharmaceutical production area often has forklifts, workers move in and out often, causing the environment to change, dust and insects attack.

Not to mention, the humidity in the air is high, the weather is rainy and windy, making the warehouse always in a humid state. Goods, machinery and floors are flooded with water, affecting the quality of goods, working conditions and employees' health, and insects that destroy goods are easy to multiply.

The reason why Long An customers choose PVC fast rolling doors at Naviflex

These are the reasons that not only damage the goods but also lead to great loss and loss of reputation for customers. Customers here have searched for many solutions for their factory, but it is still not effective and costs too much. After discussing and working with a team of consultants at Naviflex, customers in Long An have decided to choose PVC fast rolling doors at Naviflex as an effective device for their business.

3. PVC fast rolling door in Thuan Dao Long An Industrial Park

The important role of environmental temperature and insect control in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants requires quite stringent regulations. Most businesses aim to meet GMP (Food Safety Management System) standards. But without good control of temperature and insects, raw materials, finished products or medical equipment are contaminated, and quality is damaged. To solve the above problem, the pharmaceutical factory in Long An has chosen the Naviflex fast rolling door system.

PVC fast rolling door at Thuan Dao Long An Industrial Park

After the process of exchanging and surveying at the project, the production team at Naviflex manufactured the door and tested it before handing it over to the customer. Recently, the door system has been put into operation smoothly under the witness of customers here. The project was handed over on time thanks to the support of the installation engineering team at Naviflex.

Watch the video of operating the rolling shutter door at Long An pharmaceutical factory:

4. Process of manufacturing, transporting and installing Naviflex rolling doors

Come to Naviflex exclusive brand in Saigon Nam Phat You will receive optimal customer service and absolute quality products. Naviflex has a process of consulting, designing and manufacturing according to the requirements of each customer such as:

  • Step 1: Request

When customers have a need to buy a door, we will reply to you as soon as possible within 24 hours after receiving the question.

  • Step 2: Custom Design

We will provide a free and tailored design according to your requirements when the size is available.

  • Step 3: Quotation

We will quote the optimal price for you with dedicated customer service.

  • Step 4: Free Sample

Free samples for you to check the quality and whether the door solution is right for your needs.

  • Step 5: Payment method

Payment term is 30% payment on deposit and 70% will be paid before loading.

  • Step 6: Production Process

Start production after confirm details and receive deposit.

  • Step 7: Quality check

Strict product quality control before shipping.

  • Step 8: Shipping time

We can guarantee that your order will be delivered on time.

  • Step 9: After-sale service

We will always follow up your order to provide the right services.

Proud to be a pioneer in providing leading quality and prestigious industrial door solutions today, Naviflex also conquers customers through large and small projects at home and abroad. With survey support service, on-site installation with warranty policy, safe and effective periodic maintenance.

If your business is interested in products and services, do not hesitate to contact us, a team of consultants will quickly contact and quote for you as soon as possible!

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