Dock Shelter – Seals may seem like a small issue, but each little gap you see around a parked trailer at the loading dock is costing you money each and every day.

The heating and air conditioning that escapes through these gaps can cost you hundreds of dollars per year, per dock position, and that’s just a start. Those gaps also allow unwanted outside elements like dust, wind, rain, bugs and rodents into your facility. This can easily contribute to product damage, cause issues with warehouse inspections and create an uncomfortable environment for your employees to work in.


A dock seal or dock shelter closes the gap between the building wall and the truck by sealing the top and sides and or back of the transport vehicle, essentially creating an extension of the warehouse.To combat these areas, Sai Gon Nam Phat provides a series of dock shelters and dock seals, to ensure that the only things going in and out of the loading dock door are things that should be. While dock shelters and seals have the same goal of environmental control, they are uniquely designed to serve different applications, so knowing the differences between the two will help you make the right choice for your needs.

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The company commits to provide customers the best quality of service. In addition, our mission is to bring customers peace of mind during the workshop operation, Sai Gon Nam Phat provides repair services, if the customer has a request.

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