Ceiling Exhaust Fans C2-100LB

The figure is the result of test under 220V at 60Hz which is the Korean electricity standard and diffirent  result  may result in other country in accordance with its standard.

Model: CB-100LB, CB-100LM, C2-100LF
Air volume (m3/h): 90
Power consumpition (W): 22
Noise (db/m): 38
Size (mm): Main body: 205(W) x 205(D) x 205(H)
Grill: 205, 212
Weight (Kg): 1.4
Danh mục:

Ceiling Exhaust Fans C2-100LB the specification and the specification may be changed for improvement without notice.


Ceiling Exhaust Fans C2 100LB 1

Features of C2-100LB

  • Low noise level
  • Highly air tight damper preventing back flow
  • Applied the ball bearing motor

Application Ceiling Exhaust Fans C2-100LB

C2-100LB are an absolute must in some applications, especially in modern homes that have not been designed for maximum air circulation. Exhaust fans can keep air moving in your home to provide a fresher and healthier environment indoors

Supplier of Ceiling Exhaust Fans C2-100LB

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