Ceiling Exhaust Fans HV3-81JG

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Static pressure (pa): 25 – 250
Contans air volume (m3/h): 85
Air volume (m3/h): 78 – 92
Power consumption (W):   Fans (35W), light (11W)
Noise (db/m): 39
Intensity in lllumnation  (lux): 130 – 150
Size (mm): 275(W) x 275(D) x 175(H)
Weight (Kg): 2.6
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Ceiling Exhaust Fans HV3-81JG
Ceiling Exhaust Fans HV3-81JG

Ceiling Exhaust Fans HV3 81JG 1

Advantages of HIMPEL HV3-81JG

  • Constant air volume and high static pressure
  • Ventilation fan with light
  • Highly air tight damper preventing abck flow
  • Multi-extension branch
  • LEDs with low power consumption
  • Acquired certification of Good Design (GD)

Application of HIMPEL HV3-81JG

HIMPEL HV3-81JG can keep air moving in your home to provide a fresher and healthier environment indoors.

Supplier HIMPEL HV3-81JG

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