Ceiling Exhaust Fans JV-201

Ceiling Exhaust Fans JV – 201 provide continuous and quiet operation. These fans feature a low profile grille and an acoustically insulated galvanized steel housing. Models include integral backdraft damper, eight position mounting brackets, and horizontal (standard) or vertical discharge.

Model: JV-201M, JV-201C, JV-201S, JV-201T
Air Volume (m3/h): 80
Power consumption (W): 12
Noise (db/m): 33
Weight (Kg): 0.9
Danh mục:

Ceiling Exhaust Fans JV-201 definition: A ceiling exhaust fan, as the name suggests, is an exhaust fan that is mounted on a ceiling. These fans expel air upwards through the ceiling and can be exhausted into the roof cavity or ducted to be exhausted to the outside.

Ceiling Exhaust Fans JV-201
Ceiling Exhaust Fans JV-201


  • Centrifugal multi-blade fan
  • Low noise level
  • Highly air tight damper preventing back flow

Application of Ceiling Exhaust Fans Himpel JV-201

Ventilation or exhaust fans are an absolute must in some applications, especially in modern homes that have not been designed for maximum air circulation. Exhaust fans can keep air moving in your home to provide a fresher and healthier environment indoors.

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