Ceiling Exhaust Fans FLD-C90 FLA-C90

HIMPLE FLD-C90 và FLA-C90 highly efficient impellers: best in their category for performance and low energy consumption.

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Ceiling Exhaust Fans FLD-C90 FLA-C90
Ceiling Exhaust Fans FLD-C90 FLA-C90


 Advantages of himpel FLD-C90, FLA-C90

  • Constant air volume and high static pessure
  • Low noise level
  • Highly air tight damper preventing back flow
  • Multi-expansion branch
  • BLDC motor
  • Acquired certification of High Efficiency Energy Equipment
  • Acquired certification of Constant Air Vo

Application of himpel FLD-C90 và FLA-C90

Ventilation or exhaust fans are an absolute must in some applications, especially in modern homes that have not been designed for maximum air circulation. Exhaust fans can keep air moving in your home to provide a fresher and healthier environment indoors.

Supplier of himpel FLD-C90 và FLA-C90

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