Ceiling Exhaust Fans FZA-70S1

It can be connected to duct so the air may be exhausted out of the house. It also has a built-in back draft shutter (a clear plastic flap at the back) to stop warm air escaping or external air coming in through the fan.

Air Volume (m3/h): 70
Power consumption (W): 16.5
Noise (db/m): 36.5
Size (mm): 219(W) x 219(D) x 157(H)
Weight (Kg): 1.2
Danh mục:

Ceiling Exhaust Fans FZA-70S1 is one of the most popular methods of ventilating a room. When choosing a ceiling exhaust fan, consider the capacity (airflow) required – usually based the room size and its use. Secondly what hole-size is required (especially if replacing an existing fan), and thirdly does the fan need to be able to connect to duct work.

Ceiling Exhaust Fans FZA 70S1 1


  • Jet turbo impeller
  • Super powerful magnetic damper preventing back flow
  • Wide range of installation size

Application of FZA-70S1

FZA-70S1 are an absolute must in some applications, especially in modern homes that have not been designed for maximum air circulation. Exhaust fans can keep air moving in your home to provide a fresher and healthier environment indoors.

Supplier of FZA-70S1

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