Nedfon Air Curtain FM4515DY, Length (1,5m), recommended height (4,5m). It is known that on open doorways with two adjacent areas in different conditions the air is interchanged between them because the laws of physics tend to equalise the temperature and pressure difference between both sides.

Material:Powder Coating
Motor:Work in 5000 hour
Installation heights: 4.5m
Power:Low: 639 W
Medium: 700 W
High: 731 W
Air Speed:Thấp: 15 m/s
Trung bình: 17.5 m/s
Cao: 20 m/s
Flow air:2375 m3/h
Noise:68 dB
Unit Size:1500mm x 230mm x 212mm
Net weight:23,6 kg
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