Scissor Lift Table

The dock includes a technical lift system, which is a metal frame or platform that raises the floor panels to arbitrary height (including bolt, pillars, etc.). At this height, workers create spaces that make it easier to install cables or to install the ventilation tubes or equipment underneath.

Length 2500mm
Width (mm) 1800mm/2000mm
Upside 0 – 310mm
Underside 0 – 310mm
Activity -300mm -> +300mm
Temperature -30 -> +50 (độ C)
Exterior paint SA2
Alowable bearing design 7000kg
Edge lift table standard
Colors Black, Gray, Blue (Other upon request)
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Our industrial lift tables are available in a variety of capacities and sizes to accommodate ergonomic needs in the work place. From our standard models to our ground entry series, all of the ergonomic material handling equipment supplied by Lift Products is designed with uncompromising quality and standards.

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Scissor Lift Tables

Standard Features

  • Aluminum safety bar preventing descent on contact with obstructions
  • Low tension (24V) control box with up-down buttons
  • Electric circuit reset button in case the safety perimeter is actuated
  • Internal power pack equipped with relief flow value for controlled lowering speed
  • Self lubricating bushings on pivot points
  • Single acting cylinders to stop the lift table lowering case of hose burst
  • Safety clearance between scissors to prevent trapping during operation
  • Mechanical block bars for safety maintenance operations
  • Removable lifting eye to facilitate handling and lift table installation
  • Standard motor 1 HP, 115 single phase voltage

Application of Scissor lift table

Scissor lifts should be selected according to the environment in which they will used and the set up required. For example, scissor lifts can be used:

  • Inside or outside.
  • At the start or end of a production line.
  • Installed in a pit or on the floor.

Our scissor lift tables have been installed in a huge range of industries including:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Food and drink manufacturing.
  • Aerospace
  • Retail, Packaging and Shipping.
  • Engineering.
  • Automotive.

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