Mobile Ramp

Mobile ramp is available in its standard version or with an additional horizontal platform. For loading and unloading of high loads is recommended with the forklift truck safely entering the lorry via the horizontal part of the ramp.

  • Steel or Aluminum I-Beam Construction
  • 7” Steel Curbs / 7” Aluminum Curbs
  • 36’ in Length
  • 8’ Level-Off
  • 30” Approach Ramp
  • 15” Lip
  • 1 ¾” Serrated Steel Grating
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The mobile yard ramps are part of Sai Gon Nam Phat’s wide product range. They offer the possibility of loading and unloading trucks, containers or wagons directly from yard level. The whole maneuvering and loading process can be managed by just one person.

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Mobile ramp


  • When there is no loading platform available, a mobile dock leveller is the ideal solution to bridge the difference in height between the vehicle bed and the yard
  • The fork¬lift truck can enter the vehicle by means of the mobile dock leveller. It is easy to change the position of the dock leveller by means of a fork¬lift truck.
  • Often there is only a limited manoeuvring space available however, the mobile dock leveller centre axis allows easy relocation of the mobile dock leveller.
  • A manually operated hydraulic or electro­hydraulic pump is used to raise the mobile dock leveller to the required height which can then be lowered onto the vehicle bed or container floor.

Application of mobile ramp

Mobile yard ramps should be selected according to the environment in which they will used and the set up required. For example, mobile ramps can be used:

  • Inside or outside.
  • At the start or end of a production line.
  • Installed in a pit or on the floor.

Our mobile ramps have been installed in a huge range of industries including:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Food and drink manufacturing.
  • Aerospace
  • Retail, Packaging and Shipping.
  • Engineering.
  • Automotive.

Supplier of mobile ramp

AutomotiveWe sell a diverse selection of mobile ramps with a wide variety of platform sizes.

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