Dock Accessories

The dock includes a technical lift system, which is a metal frame or platform that raises the floor panels to arbitrary height (including bolt, pillars, etc.). At this height, workers create spaces that make it easier to install cables or to install the ventilation tubes or equipment underneath.

Dock accessories include

  • Dock bumpers
  • Weatherseal
  • Control box
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Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers
Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are great for facilities with heavy dock traffic, offering extra protection to defend against accidents and normal wear and tear. As a premier rubber dock bumper manufacture


  • Standard dock bumpers
  • Extra-length loading dock bumpers
  • Extra-thick loading dock bumpers
  • Steel-face dock bumpers
  • Dura-soft dock bumpers
  • Molded loading dock bumpers

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  • Made durable with longer service life than typical foam tapes
  • Prevents drafts, noise and vibration
  • Easy to install high strength adhesive weatherseal
  • Use on auto doors, trunks, sunroofs, marine hatches and more
  • D Profile; 5/16-inch thick by 23/64-inch wide by 17 feet long

Control box

Control box
Control box

Functions can Include:

  • Open/Close Gate
  • On/Off Control
  • Up/Down
  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Conveyor Speed Control

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