Standard Roller Door HSD-1000NF

Standard Roller Door HSD-1000NF can help customer save energy cost by at least USD 8000 every year,than traditional normal speed cold room sliding doors.

Product Standard roller door HSD – 1000NF
Size 6000mm (width) x 6000mm (long)/Customer request
Frames Aluminum / Inox
Panel Polyester / PVC
Input voltage 220V/1phase/50Hz
Output voltage 380V/3 phase/50Hz
Speed 0.8m/s – 2m/s
Temperature resistant 23.00000℉ – 131.0000℉
Protection level of electric IP 55
Safe device optical sensor
Standard Iso 9001 – 2015 EN 60204-1
Available colors of fabric RAL (9003, 1015, 1003, 2004, 3002, 5015, 5010, 6062, 7037, 9005)


Danh mục:

Standard Roller Door HSD-1000NF must meet high standard criteria. This is due to improvements in logistics and production processes, rising energy costs and increasing safety requirements.


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Standard roller door HSD – 1000NF


With Loading Systems speed doors you can optimise your logistic processes: furthermore the short opening times and exceptional draught exclusion characteristics also decrease your energy costs.

Features of Standard roller door HSD – 1000NF

  • Brand Naviflex control panel. With more accurate controlling of motor running than traditional encoder control. And Human-Machine Interface display is equipped, to make the daily operation and setting much easier.
  • Special zipper design structure, connects the fabric and guide rails as a whole body, eliminating gap between them. It obviously improves overall seal performance and air tightness

Application of Standard roller door HSD – 1000NF

This is a modern rolling door with many advantages such as fast opening speed, no noise, saving electricity. It is designed to open automatically or semi-automatic. Installation or dismantling is also much easier than other lines.

Supplier of Rapid Rise doors HSD-4000NF

The company commits to provide customers the best quality of service. In addition, our mission is to bring customers peace of mind during the workshop operation, Sai Gon Nam Phat provides repair services, if the customer has a request.

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