The Loading Systems High Speed Door product range is best described as “the all in one”-solution.

Extremely suitable in situations where temperature control is necessary, but the frequent coming and going of vehicles requires a door that opens and closes quickly.

High Speed Door’s advantages

High speed: up to 2.0 m/second
Superior seal: quiet and up to class 4 wind resistant
Self-repairing: after a crash, over full clear size height
Minimum maintenance and safe: frequency operated drive (soft-start / soft-stop)
• No damage to people and products: due to flexible soft edge and curtain

High Speed Door’s funtions

• The standard safety features, the flexible door leaf without horizontal reinforcement profiles and soft edge bottom profile, result in a safe solution when accidentally driving or walking against the door leaf.
•  No damage to people and products due to flexible soft edge and curtain.

• As a standard, the Loading Systems High Speed Door, is self-repairing after a crash over the full clear size height.

Types of Industrial Door

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