Transparent Red PVC Rolls

Transparent Red PVC Range: +50 / -15° for hazard area & access point denotation. High Quality, transparent red PVC – Ideal as edge markers / hazard warnings or as complete privacy screens.

Feature Transparent Red
Size Red
Style Single Ribbed
Temperature 50F – 1220F
Quality standards ISO9000, GMP, SGS
Mã: MNPVC Danh mục:

Our Red PVC rolls enable quick, easy replacement and maintenance for damaged sections of your PVC Strip Door.

  • Affordable & easy to maintain
  • Tough and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in Opaque or Transparent Finish
Transparent Red PVC Rolls
Transparent Red PVC Rolls

Our Red PVC Rolls are perfect for

Commercial kitchens and food preparation areas

• Warehouses

• Supermarkets


  • Energy savings and temperature control
  • Employee comfort and protection
  • Separation of work areas
  • Safety and visibility
  • Noise, dust and pollution control
  • Prevention of birds, insects and rodents
  • Economical and practical
  • Toughness, durability, and resilience
  • Easy traffic flow, easy installation, and easy maintenance

Supplier of Transparent Red PVC Rolls

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