Overhead Door Slide-running design. Door panels are connected end to end through C-type slots. Whole door body can bend flexibly and slide along guide rails with different bending shapes. It can be fit onto various kinds of door holes. Thus, it is very widely used in all kinds of factories, logistics warehouse, and garages


• Excellent wind resistance: Steel sandwich door panel with good strength.
• Excellent thermal insulation: Total thickness of door panel reaches 40mm. Density of inside PU foam: 42kg/m³. With very good thermal insulation performance.
• High-frequency operation: Torsion spring balance system counteracts most drag force during opening.
• Auto-Manual dual operation modes: When there is power failure or breakdown, the door can be opened or closed by manual operation chain. Balance torsion spring system counteracts most of drag-force of opening. It can be opened by hand with a little force (within 180N).
• Various climbing modes: Climbing modes can be selected according to conditions of wall hole and available space

Application of Overhead Door

Sai Gon Nam Phat’s Overhead Door: The door’s design is superior more than the traditional door’s design. The door is made of steel or aluminum alloy and is reinforced with sturdy hinges. Door surface is covered with 1 layer of PU should enhance the insulation, heat insulation.

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