Insect Killer Navilight 2X20W-AL

This is the solution to kill insects effectively, protect human health. The product’s design is simple. Lamps with special wavelengths attract insects and destroy them with glue or electric grid.


Model NP-2X20W-AL
Trademark Navilight
Structure Plastic ABS & powder coating
Activity Ø 150 m2
Capacity of bulb 45W
Capacity 40W (T8 x 2 x 20W)
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Mass 55,12IP
Size 640 x 99 x 320 (mm)
Longevity 8.000 – 10.000 (hour)
Roots Malaysia
Quality ISO 9001-2000/CE/GS/ROHs


Danh mục:

Insect Killer Navilight 2X20W-AL have a range of insect light traps to cater different business needs and requirements. All of them use a unique technology to hygienically and effectively capture flying insects

Insect Killer Navilight 2X20W-AL
Insect Killer Navilight 2X20W-AL

Advantages of Insect killer Navilight 2X20W-AL 

  • Unlike conventional Electric Fly Killers with high voltage killing grids that simply zap flying insects and leave a litter of insect fragments and contaminated spores, the units we use are safe and hygienic because it uses UV light technology to attract insects and then traps them on a hidden glue board.
  • Also the range we use is completely silent in operation – getting rid of flying insects discreetly.
  • All our units work against all sizes of flying insect, and are quickly and easily serviced by our Service Technicians saving your business time, money and trouble.

Applications of Insect killer Navilight 2X20W-AL

Insect killer Navilight 2X20W-AL should be selected according to the environment in which they will used and the set up required. For example, Insect killer Navilight 2X20W-AL can be used:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Food and drink manufacturing.
  • Aerospace.
  • Retail, Packaging and Shipping.
  • Engineering.
  • Automotive.

Supplier of Insect killer Navilight 2X20W-AL

The company commits to provide customers the best quality of service. In addition, our mission is to bring customers peace of mind during the workshop operation, Sai Gon Nam Phat provides repair services, if the customer has a request.

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