Fire Rated Roller Shutter

Depending on the type of fire barrier you require and your operational needs, Loading Systems will always select the best solution for you.

Technical Date

  • Surface mounted or concealed vertical rod device hardware is required on each leaf.
  • All series doors exceeding 1 1/2 hr. rating require an astragal.
  • Glass lights are permitted up to 100 sq. in. of exposed glass per leaf in 1 1/2 hr. rated doors.
Danh mục:

Fire rated roller shutter are fire rated roller shutters are ideal for large openings and for internal and external applications.

Fire Rated Roller Shutter
Fire Rated Roller Shutter

Options of Fire rated roller shutter

  • Choice of colour
  • Obstacle detection device: for electrically operated doors (pneumatic or photocell).
  • Stainless steel varieties.
  • Special solutions for explosive storage.
  • Special solutions for areas requiring explosion safety measures, according to Atex standards.
  • Smoke/ temperature detectors, known as stand-alone systems.
  • Audio signals when doors open/close.
  • Optic signals when doors open/close.


Made of color-coated aluminum, the surface of the PU door increases the insulation, heat insulation. The product family is designed to prevent the spread of flames, it brings safety to furniture or users in factories, commercial centers, etc…


The company commits to provide customers the best quality of service. In addition, our mission is to bring customers peace of mind during the workshop operation, Sai Gon Nam Phat provides repair services, if the customer has a request.

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