Also called Freezer Doors, used in all kinds of cold storage, cold room and Constant-temperature workshop. It offers excellent thermal insulation and seal in areas with big temperature difference higher than 50℃ and humidity of 90%.

New technologies and features are used in materials and in the control of machine-operated doors. The optimized aluminium profile body features an integrated thermal shroud inside and the overlay profile on the skirt, which makes maintenance operations for the heating cable unique in its ease. Moreover, the door leaf has a new doubling seal that can be used to secure door tightness. Despite this, the friction between the seal and the skirt has been reduced, which substantially alleviates the operation of the door.


• Polyurethane sandwich panel, forged at one time with high-pressure Foaming machine, with better thermal insulation than traditional panel. Various thickness available:75mm,100mm,150mm,200mm.
• Single or Double leaf design available
• Manual or Motorized types available
• Good seal:EPDM seal rubber is installed between door leafs and between door leaf and wall. It is of good resistance of cold, chemical and aging.
• Guide rail is modified-line design. When closing, door leaf will get down and touch the ground. At the same time, it will get closer with the wall to close the gaps.

Application of cold door

The door is used for frozen storage area or food warehouse for the purposes of preventing cold, heat loss, soundproofing.

The product is assembled and under warranty with a warranty period of up to 2 years. The second product solves the problem of logistics solutions in frozen factories or places which want to prevent cold.

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