Axial Flow Fans or Industrial Axial Fans use a propeller to draw the air into the fan and discharge it in the same axial direction. The most common types of Industrial Axial Fans are: Tube Axial Fans (or Duct Fans), Panel Fans (or Wall Fans), Personnel Coolers and Air Circulators.

Application of Axial Fans

Axial fans are typically used for exhausting dirty air or fumes from processes (such as paint spray booths), supplying fresh air, and general spot cooling of people, rooms or machinery.

They are typically designed to handle large volumes of air at low pressure (SP) and are generally available in both direct driven models with the propeller mounted on the motor shaft, and belt driven models

• Axial fans direct – Motor attach to fans

• Axial fans Indirect – Motor transmission to fans

Advantages of Axial Fans

• The design is simple, easy to install
• High pressure, large flow
• Long life, energy saving
• Model design
• The most heattolerant

Application of Axial Fans

In an industrial setting applications for axial fans abound.  One of the most common is cooling the power source of machinery.  Axial fans are often mounted to a motor to either pull air over the motor to cool it, or to push hot air away from a motor to cool it.  Think of a radiator on a car.  It’s an axial fan.

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