Air Curtains Nafuji FJ5509DY

The following table shows the applications depending on the air curtain model. It also indicates the recommended height and the heating systems available for each model (unheated or electric/water heated).

Material: Powder Coating
Motor: Work in 5000 hour
length: 900mm
installation heights: 5.5m
Power: Low: 342 W
Medium: 366 W
High: 417 W
Air Speed: Low 21m/s Cao 22 m/s
Flow air: 1830 m3/h
Noise: 64 dB
Unit Size: 900mm x 224mm x 214mm
Net weight: 14.8 kg
Voltage: 220V/50Hz/1phase
Danh mục:

Nafuji FJ5509DY, Length (0,9m), recommended height (5,5m). It is known that on open doorways with two adjacent areas in different conditions the air is interchanged between them because the laws of physics tend to equalise the temperature and pressure difference between both sides.

Advantages of FJ5509DY

  • Commercial profitability
  • Hygienic and healthy atmosphere
  • Energy saving
  • In conclusion, on open doorways it is highly recommended to use an air curtain because of the many benefits
  • Increased safety

Application of Nafuji FJ5509DY

The air curtains reduce energy costs by keeping heated or cooled air in the internal building atmosphere.

Air Curtains Nafuji FM5509C-2Y
Air Curtains Nafuji FM5509C-2Y

Efficient air curtains will save up to 80% energy looses across a doorway compared with a door without air curtain.

During the winter an air curtain creates a barrier that keeps out the cold air while in the summer the air stream keeps out the hot air from outside.

Bearing in mind the energy saved, the average payback time for an air curtain is between 2 and 5 years depending on usage and climate conditions.