Warehouse solutions are a matter of concern by any company. At present, Sai Gon Nam Phat provides warehouse system for enterprises, including:

High Speed Door

This is a modern rolling door with many advantages such as fast opening speed, no noise, saving electricity. It is designed to open automatically or semi-automatic. Installation or dismantling is also much easier than other lines.

Naviflex high speed door is operated by automatic control mechanism, 2-years warranty, ISO 9001-2015 and HACCP.

The door is designed according to the size and design requirements, according to the customer’s demand. This can be a great product in a warehouse solution.


Cold- storage Door

The door is used for frozen storage area or food warehouse for the purposes of preventing cold, heat loss, soundproofing.

The product is assembled and under warranty with a warranty period of up to 2 years. The second product solves the problem of logistics solutions in frozen factories or places which want to prevent cold.

Dock Leveler

Dock leveler is a type of lift that supports entry and exit in safe and efficient. Dock Leveler has simple and effective design, the product is distributed by Sai Gon Nam Phat Company and now that is priority of customers.

Dock Leveler helps transportation at warehouses easier, saves labor cost for loading or unloading. The product is becoming more and more popular in industries.

The dock includes a technical lift system, which is a metal frame or platform that raises the floor panels to arbitrary height (including bolt, pillars, etc.). At this height, workers create spaces that make it easier to install cables or to install the ventilation tubes or equipment underneath.

Industrial Doors

Panel door: The product is closed longitudinally, so the front and back doors are quite wide. The door frame is made of metal panels, the inside of which is the heat insulation material that prevents the heat transfer. Panel door is used in frozen food warehouses or frozen warehouses of seafood processing factories.

Roll Shutter Doors Inox: This type of door is made of stainless steel, the product is popular because stainless steel looks shiny and luxurious. The door is integrated modern transmission technology, the highest security for users.

Fire Door: Made of color-coated aluminum, the surface of the PU door increases the insulation, heat insulation. The product family is designed to prevent the spread of flames, it brings safety to furniture or users in factories, commercial centers, etc.


Overhead Door: The door’s design is superior more than the traditional door’s design. The door is made of steel or aluminum alloy and is reinforced with sturdy hinges. Door surface is covered with 1 layer of PU should enhance the insulation, heat insulation.


The products are used in production plant, food processing plant or restaurants. Each type of curtain will have its own characteristics, such as white curtain and blue curtain prevent cold, yellow prevent insects, red avoid spatter. There are two major types of products, including soft and double ribbons. The staff will consult products depend on demand of customer.

 Insect Killer

This is the solution to kill insects effectively, protect human health. The product’s design is simple. Lamps with special wavelengths attract insects and destroy them with glue or electric grid.

Air Curtains  

The air curtain is installed in areas where air conditioner is used, many people move around but that place is not convenient for opening and closing. The installation of air curtain prevents dust, sweat and insect inrush.

The operation principle of the air curtain is that the fan is installed from the top or the side of the door. Downward vertical (or horizontal) winds help to separate the two internal and external airflows.

Sai Gon Nam Phat Company – warehouse solution supplier

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