Air curtain control is essential to prevent unnecessary energy usage by modifying the performance of the air curtain according to the situation of each moment.

Using the appropriate control together with auxiliary devices the user can adjust the air flow to optimise the barrier and avoid air penetration across the doorway.

Advantage of Nedfon Air Curtain

• Automatic functioning: Modifying ventilation and/or heating depending on the situation
• Connection to external sensors and/or devices.
• Include internal sensors (temperature, movement, etc.)
• Interface connection to BMS systems, external ON/OFF, thermostatic control…
• Internal security programs (protect components and avoid damages)
• Door contact, valves, anti-freezing sensors, etc.

Application of Nedfon Air Curtain

• Door climate protection: First and foremost air curtains are designed to prevent a climate area (heated or cooled) from the influx of outside air through an open doorway.

• Insect air curtains are commonly used, when necessary, to stop insects from entering a buildings like food processing plants, bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Bugs in flight approaching will be stopped by a barrier of air too powerful to penetrate.
• Due to big temperature differences, it is highly recommended to install air curtains to reduce the energy losses when the door is open. The higher the temperature differences between inside/outside, then higher are the energy losses when a door is unprotected.
• Dust, pollution and airborne control. Clean rooms.

Nedfon Air Curtain

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Nedfon Air Curtain

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Nedfon Air Curtain

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Nedfon Air Curtain

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Nedfon Air Curtain

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Nedfon Air Curtain

Nedfon Air Curtain FM4515DY

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