If you are searching for the right industrial door for your loading bay for example an emergency door or a door to compartmentalise your internal environment. Loading Systems can offer you the right solution!

Our broad range of industrial doors are designed with your logistical supply chain in mind. By using the highest quality materials we can guarantee you will get an industrial door with minimum down time and a long life span.

Industrial door product’s Sai Gon Nam Phat

•  High Speed Door
•  Overhead Door
•  Cold Door
•  Swing Door
•  Fire Door

Industrial door’s Advantages

•  Durable, long life span
•  Low maintenance
•  Optimum safety
•  Energy efficient

Application of industrial doors

•  Industrial door‘s Sai Gon Nam Phat is especially designed for applications at loading and unloading bays. The intensive usage and the crucial function within the logistical process places higher demands on the quality and the functioning of these overhead doors.
•  Due to innovative construction and our choice materials, this dock door is extremely reliable and less prone to wear and tear. This door will continue to perform well even under the most extreme conditions.

Types of industrial door

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PVC Strip Curtains

Insect Control PVC


PVC Strip Curtains

Transparent Red PVC Rolls


PVC Strip Curtains

Blue PVC Rolls


PVC Strip Curtains

Crystal Clear PVC


PVC Strip Curtains

Standard PVC


PVC Strip Curtains

Anti-Static PVC


PVC Strip Curtains

Ivory Standard PVC


PVC Strip Curtains Naviflex

PVC Double Ribbed

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