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Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company is a company specializing in supplying and manufacturing auxiliary equipment such as door systems and import and export systems for logistics, factories, industrial production workshops...

With more than 7 years of experience in the profession, we have constantly listened and understood the difficulties and concerns that businesses are facing in finding solutions - efficiency, products - quality, services. – efficiency and working process – transparent.

With Formula: "ACCEPT – INNOVATION – SERVE”, Saigon Nam Phat has been gradually learning, improving and enhancing the production process in order to improve the difficulties that foreign products cannot meet according to the criteria, sizes and wishes of customers. row. Since then, we have launched product lines that meet Vietnamese brands, European quality and design and manufacture services according to the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Trending Navilfex specializes in manufacturing industrial door systems:

  • Overhead Door.
  • High Speed ​​Door.
  • Roller Shutter Door.
  • Fire Door (Fire Door).
  • Cold door (Cold door).
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Trending male bias – The factory specializes in manufacturing auxiliary industrial equipment for Naviflex, Navidock… and mechanical processing on request.

  • Fiber laser cutting.
  • CNC Press.
  • Punching - CNC stamping.
  • Mechanical processing on request.
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Trending Navidock specializes in manufacturing and supplying lifting and lowering equipment, equipment to support environmental conditions control during import and export:

  • Dock leveler
  • Shielding system for import and export areas
  • Scissor Lift Table
  • Mobile Ramp Yard (Mobile Ramp Yard)
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Trending Navilight specializes in providing all kinds of household and industrial insecticidal lamps:

  • Insect killer by electric grid.
  • Insect killer by glue (Insect killer by glue).
  • Insect killer lamp NP-4W (Civil insect killer NP-4W).
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Trending Nafuji specializes in supplying and distributing industrial fans:

  • Nafuji air curtain (Nafuji air curtain)
  • Nedfon air curtain (Nedfon air curtain)
  • Ceiling exhaust fan
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In addition, for transparency in the working process when customers choose to buy products at Saigon Nam PhatPartners and customers should note the following information:

All contact information of the company will be sent with Email with domain name

Customers will receive consulting information via hotline and email of the company. For employees and subcontractors, there will be company introduction and company badge.
For warranty and technical care customers, please send information to Email address or you can contact by phone number 0903 680 567 - 0932 798 567 

"Final, Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company We would like to express our sincere thanks to our partners and customers who have always trusted, supported and accompanied us during the past time.”