In the industrial age, logistics solutions are always a matter of concern for many people. With the purpose of bringing convenience, saving costs for businesses, reducing labor force for employees and above all, helping the country to increasingly industrialize and modernize.

About us

Saigon Nam Phat Trading - Service Co., Ltd, in addition to providing the logistics solutions For industry, from factory to factory, industrial park, factory, hospital, school or even home, we also consult on design and installation of equipment in warehouses, factories or at industrial zones such as: automatic lifting floor, canvas cover, industrial fan, industrial door... with the most optimal cost for customers.

The company's products are imported directly from abroad with clear origin, designed according to international standards.

When you choose Saigon Nam Phat's products, you will receive

  • Specific advice, detailed instructions by staff with many years in the field of logistics deployment and installation.
  • Reasonable design and installation with short time but still high efficiency.
  • With products listed at competitive prices, imported directly from abroad without intermediaries, the price is quite good.
  • The products of Saigon Nam Phat company are always prioritized in terms of quality, imported from reputable manufacturers in the world.
  • Good warranty, support for product installation and maintenance when receiving requests from customers.

Products Saigon Nam Phat company is providing

  • High Speed ​​Door
  • Overhead Doors
  • Cold Door (Cold Door)
  • Dock Leveler
  • Insect Killer (Insect Killer)
  • PVC Strip Curtain (PVC Strip Curtain)
  • Air Curtain (Air Curtain)

These are all products that provide logistics solutions for your industry and construction.

Customer satisfaction is a measure of the company's success. We are always committed to giving our customers the best logistics service experience.