Door system for factories producing building materials to control ambient temperature, control security and minimize risks optimally. In production, import and export, preservation of raw materials: iron, steel, cement... is an extremely important and necessary step. The quality of the material is a decisive factor for the durability - beauty - safety for the project. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for factories producing building materials, requiring businesses to invest in a door system to help preserve materials in the warehouse and support forklifts to transport exports. import goods.

1. What problems do building material factories often face?

Management and control of ambient temperature in production plays an extremely important role for business operations. Most in heavy industrial production plants, construction materials always pay attention to the production environment and the safety of people and goods.

For construction materials such as iron, steel, cement, production and construction supporting machinery, they need to be stored in stable conditions. Avoid factors such as rain, wind, dirt, etc., which directly affect the original quality, causing the material to metamorphose, oxidize or rust.... no longer ensure safety when put into use, construction easily causes unexpected incidents and risks. Not to mention it costs businesses a lot, affecting the reputation of the brand.

What problems do construction material factories often face?

Each production stage requires a separate separating area, which requires a suitable door system for the factory to control the environment such as preventing dust, air pollution, and minimizing risks. Below will be door system solutions for factories producing building materials from the inside out while ensuring security, supporting goods preservation and easy circulation of goods.

1.1 Quick opening and closing roller door system

If the factory produces building materials, it requires a stable temperature to ensure that the goods meet quality standards. But the door has a slow opening and closing time, which is one of the reasons for the loss of temperature and the increase in the penetration of dirt, microorganisms, insects, etc., which reduces the quality of the goods. Improvements with high-speed rolling shutters will help reduce risks and save costs. 

High speed rolling door High speed door will be the optimal choice for a building material factory when there is a need to find a roller door with a fast opening/closing speed, using modern technology, high durability and especially not being released when opening or closing. strong wind.

With the opening and closing speed min 0.6 - max 2 m/s saves time, costs, minimizes heat loss, prevents potential risks such as dirt, insects, food hygiene and safety... Besides, the door frame is made of galvanized aluminum alloy, which certainly helps the door operate stably, without shaking when reaching the highest opening and closing speed (1000 times/day).

1.2 Metal rolling doors ensure optimal warehouse security

Metal Roller Shutter Door is the solution of hard rolling doors, an ideal choice that no matter what business, warehouse or workshop can not ignore. Because of its preeminent features: against wind and storm and ensure absolute safety for drivers and vehicles. In addition, it also opens and closes with: "Fast speed - Durable and aesthetic - Smart" to save opening and closing time and control the circulation process well.

Metal rolling door is a line of steel doors with a solid door body structure covered with electrostatic paint to ensure safety and durability when in use. Emergency notification system when there is a problem, easy to open manually if there is a power failure or technical failure. At the same time, good impact resistance, sound insulation, and optimal noise reduction help businesses control security and minimize risks.

1.3 Ceiling sliding door supports import and export

Ceiling sliding door supports import and export

Overhead door is a type of industrial rolling door specialized in manufacturing factories, processing workshops in the area of ​​​​the door or the door to import and export goods to prevent heat, soundproof, prevent insects, dust ...

This is a line of doors that is designed to be sustainable, definitely used as the main door in the safety and security system with outstanding advantages: good impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, durable operation .... Diverse operating equipment ensures the quick circulation of forklifts and goods, saving time in opening and closing doors compared to traditional doors.

This is a line of rolling doors suitable for use in small areas, low ceilings or need to save space when opening and closing the door. In addition, this is also a door line combined with a Dock Leveler raised floor that is installed in the import and export area, to assist in protecting the forklift truck to safely and quickly get in and out of the warehouse, avoiding harmful agents.

1.4 Fireproof doors protect property, people and goods

Fire door (Fire door) is a very heavy door made of galvanized steel, providing high durability. The surface is electrostatically painted, covered with Polyester, so it has very good fire resistance, the time to prevent the fire from spreading is from 60 to 180 minutes.

Fire door at Naviflex

In addition to the function of a normal door, a fire door also helps to insulate sound, insulate, prevent fire, smoke and dust when a fire occurs. Fire doors combined with emergency exit bars and some accompanying accessories will be the best solution for unexpected incidents. Helping manufacturing plants reduce labor risks to a minimum, improve safety, and operate smoothly and efficiently.

2. The company manufactures and installs quality roller shutters and sliding ceiling doors today

You face many difficulties in the process of preserving building materials in the warehouse, not to mention you need a door system that controls the ambient temperature and eliminates harmful elements. But conventional door opening and closing systems do not meet the above factors.

Come with Naviflex exclusive brand in Saigon Nam Phat ready to advise, provide suitable solutions for each problem you are facing.

We will have the service of surveying the door installation position at the customer's project, then drawing up the design drawings and directly manufacturing the door system as required. All industrial door products at Naviflex are committed to manufacturing on modern production lines, meeting European quality standards to meet absolute safety, save operating costs and increase functionality when used.

When using the door system at Naviflex, customers will receive on-site transportation and installation services, as well as safe periodic maintenance and warranty services. Currently, Naviflex door products have been present in more than 2.000 domestic and foreign projects with key projects.

Any questions about products and services you can contact Naviflex via Hotline: (+84) 938 828 242 – (+84) 905 937 664 or contact form for advice and suitable solutions.

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