Set of 3 layers of protection against the cold compartment, limiting insects and dirt up to 90%. That 3-layer protective set includes: Naviflex PVC curtain, Nafuji windscreen/ventilation fan, Navilight insecticidal lamp. All these products have been present in Saigon Nam Phat, attracting domestic and foreign customers. Set of 3 layers of protection is the solution to prevent heat loss, kill insects, dirt ... cost-effective and safe for users.

1. Set of 3 layers to protect the cold compartment to limit insects and dirt

Currently, the weather is in a hot period causing many problems in the life of every family, company, and factory. Most people experience the following conditions:

  • Electricity bills increase every month => Increase operating costs of fans, air conditioners, air conditioners ...
  • Air conditioning equipment works at full capacity but does not provide enough cold => Reduces machine life, easily causes damage and costs a lot to repair.
  • In commercial centers, supermarkets... the cold air is lost a lot when the number of people in and out is frequent => Affecting the goods and causing a stuffy atmosphere.
  • Workers work in a hot environment => Work productivity decreases.
  • Not to mention food, goods damaged by dirt, insect attack => Causing damage to money, property as well as the health of the user.
  • The farm grows products that do not meet the criteria of "Delicious - green - clean" => Decreased revenue, business failure, high risk of bankruptcy.
Coming to Saigon Nam Phat, you will own it right away “SET OF 3 SPECIAL PROTECTION CLASSES” both prevent cold and limit insects and dirt up to 90%:
  • Navilight insecticidal lamp.
  • Nafuji Windshield / Ventilation Fan.
  • Naviflex PVC blinds/curtains.

2. Nafuji windbreak/cutting fan in Saigon Nam Phat

Nafuji windbreak/cutting fan in Saigon Nam Phat

Windshield fans, also known as blowers, are often used installed at doors to prevent cold air from being lost out, maintaining a stable temperature, thereby helping to save energy consumption of the home. air-conditioner.

With a unique design of one inlet, one air outlet and a system of 03 centrifugal motors (1 phase 50 Hz - 220V), creating a blowing speed and large amount of air, forming a closed "air curtain", help:

  • Prevent the loss of cold air when the air conditioner is operating at full capacity.
  • Prevent the entry of insects, dust from outside affecting the air and product quality.
  • Create comfort for people when passing through the door.
  • Space saving by no need to install doors.

Windshield fan Nafuji in Saigon Nam Phat is often installed in manufacturing plants with frozen storage, food processing plants, commercial centers, hospitals, restaurants, etc. In order to create ventilation and save energy of the company. air conditioner and prevent heat loss. In order to meet the absolute needs of customers, Nafuji offers two types: Nafuji windbreak and Nedfon windbreak.

3. Naviflex PVC blinds/curtains

Naviflex PVC Curtains/Screens

Is a strip of plastic curtain with flexible characteristics and high mechanical strength, completely free of harmful DOP substances, helping to prevent cold, prevent insects, dust from entering, block welding sparks, anti-static ... suitable for all different space.

With a structure of special materials, it has good heat resistance and fire resistance up to 50 degrees Celsius and does not cause melting or catching fire. This is a product that is diverse in color and size with 2 main types: smooth PVC screen and double-ribbed PVC screen. Can install a variety of door systems: fixed, rotating, sliding, pulling...

Currently, Naviflex has been distributing PVC screens to agents across the country. For that reason, Naviflex temporarily provides individual plastic curtain rolls for customers in need.

Each roll has a length of 50m each, the width of the plastic curtain (plastic curtain) is 200mm or 300mm; The thickness has 3 kinds of 1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm. In addition to the basic dimensions as above, the PVC curtain wall can also be changed according to the size required by the customer.

PVC curtains/curtains at Naviflex

Absolutely safe for the health of users, absolutely no harmful chemicals. Meet international standards for food safety such as ISO, GS, CE, RoHS, SASO, SABS...

4. Navilight insecticidal lamp in Saigon Nam Phat

Navilight insecticidal lamp in Saigon Nam Phat

Navilight industrial insecticidal lamp is a modern lamp that quickly destroys all kinds of harmful insects that affect the quality of products and services such as mosquitoes, yellow flies, cockroaches, three-chambered ants, etc. by emitting purple light. attract insects and destroy them with a grid or glue.

This is a specialized insecticidal lamp for cafes, food and pharmaceutical production facilities, livestock farms, built fruit gardens, and gardens with an effective operating range of 100m2, depending on the area to be installed. number of lights accordingly.

Designed with aluminum frame, ABS plastic, high-class, modern powder-coated steel frame based on light-direction characteristics with durable structure. The lamp power of 4W/hour saves most of the cost for users. The emitted light of the lamp is UVA with a wavelength of 365nm that will attract insects by its smell, purple infrared rays with high temperature.

– For electric grid insect killer lights, when insects get close to the grid, they will release sparks that will burn the insects immediately.

– For insecticidal lamps with glue, after insects enter, they will stick to the glue sheet and will not fall out. This is a line of lights suitable for customers who want to use insecticidal lamps without high voltage.

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