Customers in Bac Ninh have trusted and selected Dock Leveler products in Saigon Nam Phat. Recently, the project has just been accepted and put into operation before the satisfaction of customers.

1. Bac Ninh – The city with impressive numbers

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has just signed Decision 558/QD-TTg approving the task of adjusting the general planning of Bac Ninh urban area to 2035, with a vision to 2050. Objectives of planning for construction and development of the Northern urban area Ninh meets the standards of a class I city under the central government, serving as a premise to build Bac Ninh province into a city directly under the central government by 2022; build and develop Bac Ninh urban area into a cultural - ecological - knowledge urban area, following the smart city model. Currently, Bac Ninh is considered as the leading potential investment location in Vietnam. Many large foreign corporations such as Samsung, Canon, Foxconn... all have their production headquarters and constantly increase their investment capital here. Bac Ninh is also a locality that attracts a large number of foreign engineers and experts, mainly come from Korea and Japan to work in industrial zones, leading to the demand for international standard services with high-class facilities, especially accommodation services. This indirectly makes the real estate market here more vibrant.
Key economic zone in Bac Ninh

2. Dock Leveler – Bac Ninh customers choose Dock Leveler 

2.1 Demand of corporate customers in Bac Ninh

Customers are facing difficulties in the process of transporting goods, they are looking for equipment to support forklifts to pick up goods but withstand the load of large goods.

In addition, customers also want to own devices that increase import efficiency, save labor and investment costs through Dock Leveler sets.

With the ability to automatically raise and lower, the height changes with just a simple control operation. In the receiving area, the dock leveler acts as a bridge between the container or truck floor and the warehouse floor, helping to quickly load and unload goods.

2.2 Dock Leveler at Navidock selected in Bac Ninh

2.2.1 What is Dock Leveler?

Dock Leveler is an intermediate device that helps to firmly connect the warehouse floor with the cargo vehicle floor (container). Helping forklifts move easily and quickly when there is a difference in height between the warehouse floor and the container truck floor, saving time and improving the safety of goods in loading and unloading work.

Dock Leveler works through a properly placed controller with a powerful hydraulic pump that helps the platform work flexibly to raise and lower. Lifting platform is installed in the pits of its size at warehouses, loading and unloading stations.

Dock Leveler is applied at the warehouse

Dock Leveler in Saigon Nam Phat possesses effective features, meeting the absolute needs of customers in Bac Ninh. After exchanging information with a team of consultants, customers in Bac Ninh decided to choose Dock Leveler in Saigon Nam Phat.

2.2.2 Advantages of Dock Leveler

– Dock leveler is considered an indispensable equipment in manufacturing plants with large import and export demand – when the transportation of goods on and off trucks takes place with great frequency.

– The use of the Dock leveler lift floor has the effect of supporting forklifts to get on and off the container truck easily, saving time and safety during the transportation of goods; through which the working environment becomes more professional; at the same time increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

– The load capacity of the normal Dock leveler is from 6-12 tons (Also, it can be produced according to the requirements of the Customer), the thickness of the steel spread on the floor of the dock leveler is 6-10mm, and the thickness of the dock leveler is 16-18mm. nose is XNUMX-XNUMX mm. These are important features that ensure the durability of the Dock leveler.

Recently, the installation team of Saigon Nam Phat has just completed the installation of Dock Leveler in Bac Ninh, the product has been tested for capacity and mode of operation, making customers extremely satisfied.

Dock Leveler installed in Bac Ninh

3. Saigon Nam Phat – Reputable Dock Leveler supplier

On the market today, there are many units that supply and perform the installation Dock Leveler. However, with a reputable company, quality products, and dedicated advice, Saigon Nam Phat is the number 1 choice.

Saigon Nam Phat is a unit specializing in providing products to support the process of transporting, loading and unloading goods at warehouses, including Dock Leveler. When contacting to buy Dock Leveler at Saigon Nam Phat, customers will be completely assured of quality. Because the product is guaranteed to meet international technical standards and has a team of consultants and installers nationwide.

Saigon Nam Phat – Prestigious Dock Leveler installer

Not only customers in Bac Ninh have trusted and chosen, but key economic regions from the South to the North have chosen Dock Leveler as a companion for businesses in the process of loading and unloading goods.

If you have a need to buy Dock Leveler for your factory, please quickly contact Saigon Nam Phat for the fastest and most accurate advice and support.

Bac Ninh has trusted and chosen. So what about your business?


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