The HDL01ND standard Dock Leveler project was completed in Bac Giang. As the connecting device to support the optimal transportation of goods, Dock Leveler in Saigon Nam Phat has conquered customers in Bac Giang. Recently, the standard Dock Leveler project HDL01ND has just been completed and put into operation.

1. What difficulties are customers in Bac Giang facing?

The client is one of the world's largest computer and electronic component manufacturers. With many branches and owns own factory in Bac Giang. As a large corporation, customers always want to optimize every process in the fastest and most accurate way.

Therefore, after having problems in the process of transporting components and machinery between the import and export areas. In addition, it can also improve work productivity, save time and be safe during transportation. Customers in Bac Giang decided to look for equipment to support the connection between the container floor and the warehouse floor. Helps to transport goods quickly and efficiently.

After the process of researching and discussing with the consultant department. The customer decided to choose the standard HDL01ND Dock Leveler in Saigon Nam Phat as an effective tool for his factory.

Dock Leveler standard HDL01ND in Saigon Nam Phat

2. What are the characteristics of the standard HDL01ND Dock Leveler?

The Navidock Dock Leveler in Saigon Nam Phat is no longer a stranger to businesses with warehouses or import-export activities. Because it is a connecting device between the container floor or different transport vehicles with the receiving warehouse floor. Helping the work of loading and unloading goods takes place quickly, shortening time and saving costs.

What are the characteristics of the standard HDL01ND Dock Leveler?

Standard dock leveler HDL01ND (Hydraulic Dock Leveler) uses a hydraulic cylinder to raise the floor up or down easily. Durable operation with diverse loads from 1-6 tons to meet the needs of users.

3. Advantages of standard HDL01ND Dock Leveler raised floor in Saigon Nam Phat

  • Cost savings:

Save time – labor and increase safety when moving goods…

  • Durable Operation:

The material is resistant to fluctuations in external environmental conditions.

  • Anti-slip:

Made of wear-resistant stainless steel, the surface of the steel plate will have a grainy pattern for good anti-slip.

  • Reduce slope:

When there is a large gap between the floor of the vehicle and the floor of the warehouse. With its large size, it will help reduce the slope when the lip Dock opens to connect with the floor of the car.

  • Easy to use:
Easy to install and operate (suitable for many objects of use).

4. HDL01ND Standard Dock Leveler Project in Bac Giang

Navidock's standard HDL01ND dock leveler in Saigon Nam Phat is designed with many different models. Ensure flexible operation with different cargo loads, a variety of cargo vehicles. With a semi-automatic control system quickly connected to the means of transport. For that reason, Dock Leveler in Saigon Nam Phat has been trusted and put into use by customers in Bac Giang.

HDL01ND Standard Dock Leveler Project in Bac Giang

After exchanging and signing the contract, the installation team at Saigon Nam Phat Hanoi Branch went directly to Bac Giang to conduct the measurement process. Along with that, the design and production team also started to manufacture the standard Dock Leveler HDL01ND. Recently, the raised floor was transported and installed by the installation team at Saigon Nam Phat Hanoi Branch at the factory of Bac Giang customer.

The Dock Leveler HDL01ND project was completed and put into operation under the witness of customers here. When choosing products at Saigon Nam Phat, customers will receive a full warranty and maintenance support policy. At the same time, receive consulting and care services "before, during and after" when using.

5. The most prestigious provider of Dock Leveler lifting floors today

Currently, there are many types of lifting equipment such as Dock Leveler, lifting table, lifts... come from many different brands. In which, Saigon Nam Phat is one of the leading manufacturing, installation and transportation support units in Vietnam.

The most prestigious supplier of Dock Leveler lifting floors today
  • Provide quality equipment

The factory covers an area of ​​up to 2000m2 with a large number of equipment. Always ensure timely and prompt product delivery.

The equipment at Saigon Nam Phat is always manufactured according to European technology standard lines. Therefore, everyone can be assured of the quality of the unit's machinery.

  • Fast product delivery and installation service

Saigon Nam Phat also has a policy to support transportation and installation at home and abroad. Saigon Nam Phat staff with high expertise will help install quickly and completely.

  • Optimal equipment cost

Price is one of the important criteria that makes customers choose a supplier. Understanding this mentality, Saigon Nam Phat always offers the optimal price list compared to other units on the market. People can rest assured because the equipment is always commensurate with the quality.

Contact Saigon Nam Phat immediately for specific and detailed advice.

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