HSD01-NF Standard Quick Roll Door Installed In Quang Ninh. Possessing the characteristics of preventing dirt, insects with fast opening and closing speed. Naviflex standard fast rolling doors have been chosen by Quang Ninh customers.

1. Standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF Naviflex in Saigon Nam Phat

Standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF Naviflex In Saigon, Nam Phat is a standard fast rolling door with the characteristics of opening and closing speed from 0.6m/s - 2m/s. With the main function is to limit heat loss, prevent insects and dirt from entering.

Standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF Naviflex

Doors meet ISO, ROHS, HACCP, GMP standards... to ensure safety for users. Installed in many areas of cool storage and cold storage where doors operate with high frequency.

2. Characteristics of standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF

DESIGN: The door is designed modern, luxurious, compact and durable. Curtains are made of PVC coated double-sided polyester fabric (optional curtain color). Door frame and cover box are made of galvanized steel with powder coating or stainless steel for high durability, anti-vibration.

In addition, the motor is capable of operating with high and continuous frequency (1000 times/day). The optical sensor mounted on the door rail, when there is an obstacle, the door will roll back up to ensure the safety of the user.

Standard quick rolling door characteristics HSD01-NF Naviflex

MECHANISM OF OPERATION: Roller shutters follow the roller through the force of the motor combined with a modern control system. The safety sensor works by rolling back when there is an obstacle, ensuring safe use.

3. Difficulties that customers in Quang Ninh are facing

To maximize the support for the process of preserving goods in the warehouse in the best way. The customer has built a separate warehouse with a large area to create favorable conditions for the vehicle to load in and out.

However, this is also one of the reasons why customers have headaches in the past time. As a flour production company, it always upholds the quality requirements to meet food safety criteria. The frequent entry and exit of trucks brings dirt and bacteria to attack, affecting the preservation process.

The problem that Quang Ninh customers are facing

Quang Ninh customers have researched and contacted Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company to find the optimal solution for them at this time.

4. HSD01-NF standard fast rolling door installed in Quang Ninh

After the process of exchange and consultation, the customer wants to own a door with a fast opening and closing speed, both preventing dirt and limiting insects. The customer has decided to choose the standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF of Naviflex brand in Saigon Nam Phat.

Customers in Quang Ninh choose to install standard fast rolling doors HSD01-NF

After signing the contract, Saigon Nam Phat conducts design drawings, production according to the criteria and requirements of the customer. Recently, the construction and installation team came to Quang Ninh to transport and measure and install the door.

HSD01-NF standard quick rolling door has come into stable operation under the satisfaction of customers here.

5. Quotation for standard quick rolling door HSD01-NF Naviflex

Standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF is a modern line of fast rolling doors. It is the optimal solution to minimize risks and operating costs in warehouses, food processing workshops, seafood processing plants, etc. Or areas where heat loss, insects, and dust must be minimized.

Currently, on the market there are many units that provide standard roller shutters with different prices and designs. To get the exact price of standard fast rolling doors, you need to know which area you install, how many sizes… Because the price depends on the size and quantity.

Naviflex is a unit that manufactures, supplies and installs industrial door systems under the management of Saigon Nam Phat. In addition to standard quick rolling doors, Naviflex also manufactures doors: metal rolling doors, clean room doors, cold storage doors...

Naviflex – Genuine standard fast rolling door supplier

All products are manufactured according to European Technology standards. Along with that is consulting services, custom design, transportation and installation nationwide.

If you are looking for a supplier of quality fast rolling shutters. Don't hesitate any longer, Contact us quickly for a consultation and quote today.

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