High speed door project HSD01-NF in Long An. In the industrial environment, especially consumer food processing plants, there are often separate working and processing areas, cold storage areas, clean environment... Failure to meet food hygiene and safety standards That's bad news for a manufacturing plant. This situation caused the company to face many losses. For that reason, customers in Long An quickly found a door system to support safe import and export of goods, and control optimal environmental conditions for their factories.

1. Solution for fast rolling doors for packaging companies

Quick rolling door solution for packaging companies

Working in the Food Industry, especially in a packaging factory, requires compliance with many government, local and industry mandated regulations and standards. Compliance with regulations on the process of importing and exporting goods, storage, packaging and distribution is necessary. Most importantly for the safety of consumers and the quality of goods in stock.

Production site hygiene, temperature control, pest control, energy saving and food safety are among the factors that need attention. To best solve these problems, you need to learn carefully about the requirements in the process of importing, exporting, circulating and storing goods for safety and standards.

In order to meet the inspection of food safety and hygiene standards, the threshold levels are required for environmental polluting factors including dust and bacteria in the air. Therefore, customers in Long An are in need of an environmental control door system to ensure the quality of goods to avoid damage and loss to businesses.

2. Specifications of standard quick-opening roller shutter doors

Standard quick rolling door Also known as high speed door is a line of rolling doors that are preferred by Long An customers for their factories. It is designed modern, luxurious, compact and durable. Curtains are made of PVC coated double-sided polyester fabric (optional curtain color). Door frame and cover box are made of galvanized steel with powder coating or stainless steel for high durability, motor with the ability to operate with high frequency and continuously (2 times/day). In addition, standard quick rolling doors also have basic technical characteristics such as:

  • Maximum Size (WxH): 6000 × 6000mm
  • Door opening/closing speed: 0,6 – 2.0 m/s
  • Curtain: Double-sided polyester fabric with PVC coating
  • Curtain thickness: 1 – 2 (mm) (According to request)
  • Technology: Powder coated ASTM standard (door frame and cover box)
  • Noise level: R < 30dB
  • Working temperature: -15˚C to +50˚C
  • Control system: Options based on frequency, open area area, environmental conditions
  • Safe device: Safety sensor, reverse roll
  • Power (motor): 0.75 – 2.2 (Kw) (depending on door area and installation environment)
  • Dust and water resistance rating: IP55 / IP65
  • Voltage: 1 phase 220 ± 10% V, 50 / 60HZ or 3 phase 380 ± 10% V, 50 / 60HZ
Specifications of standard quick-opening roller shutters

3. Outstanding advantages of High speed door HSD01-NF

HSD01-NF standard fast rolling door is integrated with modern control technology: radar, remote, background sensor, optical sensor, magnetic sensor, push button, interlock... Makes operation simple and safe suitable for suitable for many different environments. In addition, the door also possesses outstanding advantages such as:

  • Fast opening and closing speed: Save time, costs, minimize heat loss, prevent potential risks such as dirt, insects, food hygiene and safety...
  • Stable, durable: The door frame is made of galvanized steel, which prevents the door from shaking when reaching the highest opening and closing speed.
  • Easy to use and clean: The control system is diverse and simple, the curtains are easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Modern design, ensuring aesthetics.

With safety opening and closing devices such as:

  • Optical sensor device, airbag obstacle sensor (closed door encounters an obstacle, it will automatically roll up).
  • The curtain material does not contain DOP which is harmful to health, resistant to UV radiation, used in the environment of -15 to +50 degrees Celsius.
  • Emergency notification system when there is a problem, easy to open manually if there is a power failure or technical failure.
  • Helping the factory to meet safety standards in production operation: ISO 14000, ISO 45001:2018…

4. High speed door project HSD01-NF in Long An

Through the process of exchanging and working with the team of consultants at Naviflex, customers in Long An have received the right door solution. The standard quick rolling door system at Naviflex has been chosen by the customer to install for his warehouse.

After surveying the installation location, quoting and closing the contract, the production department entered the process of disassembling and implementing the production stage. Recently, the construction and installation staff at Naviflex have directly transported and installed directly at the project of Long An customer. Perform the door operation process in front of the witness and absolute satisfaction of customers here.

So Naviflex has completed the project of High speed door HSD01-NF in Long An. Add a new project and list to conquer domestic customers.

Watch specific videos at Saigon Nam Phat Youtube channel like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUgYbHqLRhE

5. Prestigious company of consulting, designing and manufacturing rolling shutters

A reputable company that consults, designs and manufactures roller shutters

Currently, Naviflex is an exclusive brand in Saigon Nam Phat specializing in consulting, designing and manufacturing leading quality and prestigious industrial rolling door systems in Vietnam. In order to solve the problems that customers are facing, Naviflex offers many different product lines such as standard quick rolling doors, self-healing roller shutters, cold storage rolling doors, ceiling sliding door… All are manufactured on modern production lines and undergo thorough product testing before being put on the market. Especially, the product lines at Naviflex all meet European technology standards.

In addition, at Naviflex, there are transportation and installation services at home and abroad with full warranty and maintenance services. With a team of production staff with many years of experience, Naviflex is committed to ensuring fast and safe production on time.

Any questions about the product do not hesitate contact for Saigon Nam Phat Get advice and support today.

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