The hydraulic lift table project in Saigon Nam Phat was trusted by customers in Nha Be and has been accepted and put into operation.

1. Operational status of Nha Be customers

Customers in Nha Be area, Ho Chi Minh City are trading in electrical machinery and equipment including: Generators, electric motors, wires and other equipment used in electrical circuits).

With a small and medium-sized factory area, moving components and machinery up and down is extremely difficult and consumes a lot of human resources.

At the same time, the transportation of heavy and heavy goods and machinery will lose the safety of the carrier and consume too much time.

Customers at Nha Be want a device that can transport people and goods up high, withstand large loads but must ensure absolute safety. In addition, the Customer wants to greatly reduce costs in the process of using human resources and save time.

To improve the above problem, they searched for equipment and contacted Saigon Nam Phat for advice on hydraulic lifting tables.

Project of hydraulic lifting table in Nha Be

2. The reason why the Navidock lift was chosen at Nha Be

Hydraulic lift table Nowadays, it is widely used in logistics warehouses, factories producing electronic components to support lifting and lowering goods. So, why do business customers prioritize:

2.1 What is a hydraulic lift table?

Hydraulic lifting table also known as Scissor Lift Table, is a device for lifting goods and bending people in its vertical range of motion. With the use of supporting the transport of goods between floors in warehouses, factories, industrial parks, and manufacturers.

What is a hydraulic lift table?

Lifting tables are commonly used in warehouses and workshops thanks to their advantages of lifting people and goods with different loads. Help transport safely, save time and labor costs, support the transportation process smoothly and quickly.

2.2 What are the advantages of hydraulic lift tables at Nha Be?

Owning a hydraulic lift table helps the transportation of goods take place smoothly, ensuring safety, avoiding risks and reducing costs. Its internal load can be up to 5 tons.

This is the reason why factories and industrial parks often use them as an indispensable tool.

The principle of operation of the hydraulic lift table is quite simple. It is based on the thrust of the fluid acting on the hydraulic system to make the device work. At that time, the lifting table will perform the lifting and lowering of goods in a smooth and fast manner.

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Hydraulic lifting tables are commonly used in warehouses

In addition, it is an indispensable tool in the field of goods import and export. It can assist in accessing areas with limited space to lift goods, limiting labor costs. The operation is simple but still ensures work productivity.

Because of the above advantages, after the consultation and exchange process, the customer at Nha Be decided to choose the hydraulic lift table in Saigon Nam Phat. The design and installation team was present to measure and select the installation location. Recently, the hydraulic lifting table project in Nha Be has been successfully accepted and put into operation.

3. Prestigious, quality supplier and installer of lifting tables

Saigon Nam Phat is a reputable and reputable manufacturer, supplier and installer of hydraulic lifting tables. We own our own factory with a staff of many years of experience in supplying and installing for domestic and foreign customers.

Specifically, all products at Saigon Nam Phat meet European quality standards. In addition, we also own a team of professional engineers with many years of experience. Lift table materials are carefully selected before going through production with a closed packaging process.

Hydraulic lifting table provided by Saigon Nam Phat

Nha Be customers have trusted and chosen hydraulic lift tables in Saigon Nam Phat. What about your business?

If customers have a need to learn about hydraulic lifting table products, then Contact us now. Saigon Nam Phat is ready to support and provide all the fastest and most accurate free information and documents. Or you can visit the website for more detailed product information.

Saigon Nam Phat - Give quality, Get trust.


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