OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding doors are selected by customers in Ha Nam. As a large corporation specializing in the production of consumer goods and soft drinks, customers face difficulties in the process of preventing dirt and insects. The customer decided to choose the sliding ceiling door at Naviflex as an effective support device for the factory. So what is a sliding ceiling door? What advantages does it possess to attract customers in Ha Nam? Maybe the following article is for you?

1. What is the OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding door?

Standard sliding ceiling door OHDI1-NF is a type of Panel door operating according to the mechanism of sliding panels according to rails (square, oblique, vertical) with diverse warehouse areas with low ceilings, without using roller shafts.

What is OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding door?

Doors are modernly designed with standard sizes of 8000mm - 8000mm, no need to use rollers. The door body is assembled by panels, the surface is galvanized stainless steel / aluminum alloy. In the middle is a layer of PU insulation, good soundproofing with a thickness of PU door of 40mm. Roller integrated auxiliary wheel helps to flexibly open and close to minimize noise. Counterbalanced springs help reduce the operating load on the motor.

With anti-impact, soundproof and effective insulation properties, doors are widely applied in import and export areas, processing workshops, component manufacturing, machinery manufacturing...

2. Advantages of OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding doors in Saigon Nam Phat

  • Good heat and sound insulation:

The door has high heat resistance from 0oC - 50oC with good insulation. Due to the PU coating with a thickness of up to 40mm, it effectively blocks noise and is soundproof.

  • Durable:

Constructed of stainless steel, the advanced door motor operates at high frequency. The counterbalanced spring system reduces motor load, both cost-effective and highly efficient.

Advantages of OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding doors in Saigon Nam Phat
  • Human safety:

The cable break device prevents the door from falling down in the event of a breakdown. Auxiliary wheel system helps the door operate stably, anti-vibration. The cable roller helps to reduce the opening and closing speed at the end of the journey and the sensor system rolls back up when encountering obstacles to ensure safety for people and goods passing.

  • Meet food safety standards:

Doors meet ISO, ROHS, HACCP, GMP standards... to meet the needs and ensure safety for users.

  • Easy to install and use:

The control system is diverse and intelligent such as: radar, background sensor, push button, remote... Helps the operation process take place flexibly in different environments.

3. The reason why customers in Ha Nam choose the sliding ceiling doors at Naviflex

Customers in Ha Nam are a large corporation mainly focusing on the production and distribution of food and beverage. With the goal of becoming the number 1 business group in Vietnam, customers want to bring customers optimal quality and safety products.

As a direct-use product, it is required to meet food safety standards. Therefore, customers in Ha Nam want to choose a door solution that can be used as the main door at the factory. In addition, it can still prevent dirt, insects, good impact resistance and fast opening and closing speed.

After researching and working with a team of consultants in Saigon Nam Phat. The customer has decided to choose standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF and standard sliding ceiling door OHDI1-NF for his factory.

The reason why customers in Ha Nam choose ceiling sliding doors at Naviflex

4. OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding door selected by customers in Ha Nam

After receiving the wishes and requirements of the customer, the production engineering team in Saigon Nam Phat has embarked on the production of doors. Recently, the door has been gradually adjusted and put into quality inspection, cleaning, packaging for transportation and installation for customers.

Through the process of surveying and measuring, the installation team in Saigon Nam Phat installed the door and started it up to test the door before putting it into use. It is known that the door system has been put into operation smoothly and effectively under the absolute satisfaction of customers.

OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding door is chosen by customers in Ha Nam

5. The current OHDI1-NF standard sliding ceiling door supplier and installer

OHDI1-NF Naviflex ceiling sliding door in Saigon Nam Phat for many years has always been the first choice of large and small businesses across the country. Naviflex brings customers satisfaction by:

  • Naviflex door products in Saigon Nam Phat are manufactured according to European technology standards.
  • Naviflex's staff of experienced, highly specialized technicians will advise customers on suitable products.
  • Door products are thoroughly tested before reaching customers. In order to ensure that the equipment is always in a stable, sure state, achieving the best quality, high safety.
  • Saigon Nam Phat always perfects the product quality management system to bring absolute trust to customers with optimal prices.
  • Support installation and repair services for front door systems, during and after use. Minimizing problems during operation.

Customers wishing to purchase and install sliding ceiling doors in Saigon Nam Phat . Please email or call the company's hotline directly. Naviflex is committed to consulting and serving customers with dedication and enthusiasm.

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