Metal fast rolling door HSD-05NF in Saigon Nam Phat was selected by Binh Duong customer to install at the factory. With smart features, opening the door with fingerprints, customers here were extremely satisfied and highly appreciated it.

1. Overview of HSD-05NF . metal fast rolling door

1.1 What is HSD-05NF metal fast rolling door?

HSD-5000NF . Metal Quick Roll Door combines the superior characteristics of rapid roll, smooth operation with smooth movement of the scroll bars. Bringing style and design to high-end, modern and luxurious.

HSD-05NF . Metal Quick Roll Door

The HSD-5000NF minimizes heat loss, has an extremely fast closing speed and uses an automatic controller. Applications in high-traffic spaces.

The door is an innovation of the traditional metal roll, the door opens with a quick fingerprint effect and protects the warehouse safely.

Usually installed inside or outside the building, if the main door is installed, it is installed in areas that need high protection, sound insulation, good insulation and often have people and vehicles moving.

1.2 HSD-05NF metal fast rolling door?What do u point?

  • The door body is made of aluminum alloy foil or Panel with good heat and sound insulation.
HSD-05NF fast crab using fingerprint
  • Rolling doors have a fast opening and closing speed of up to 0.8 - 2 m/s with anti-theft and windproof functions to protect goods and assets in the warehouse.
  • The rail system is designed with flexibility, smooth operation, noise reduction, sound insulation, good heat insulation in accordance with the characteristics of each type of project.
  • Optical sensor device, making the door can be easily opened by fingerprint or remote control device.
  • In addition, metal fast rolling doors with elegant and sophisticated designs are suitable for cold storages, factories, commercial centers, pharmaceutical and chemical warehouses. This will be a strong and durable protection layer, suitable for the necessary conditions.
  • Product HSD-05NF . metal fast rolling door fully meet European quality standards such as HACCP, RoHS, GMP, ISO.

2. HSD-05NF quick rolling door installed in Binh Duong

2.1 Problems customers in Binh Duong are facing

Customers Binh Duong is an enterprise that manufactures and supplies pharmaceutical products to domestic and foreign customers. The customer's factory applies international standards to its quality systems, documentation, and manufacturing processes to ensure compliance with applicable Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) principles. ).

Because of the application of quite strict international standards in the production process, customers require their products to be protected and guaranteed to meet food hygiene and safety standards. Owning a large production plant, frequent movement of people is a disadvantage for customers when creating conditions for dirt and insects to penetrate.

Customers are looking for door devices that meet the above requirements, in addition need to operate smoothly and can especially open the door with fingerprints to ensure safety.

2.2 CCan you please quickly read the HSD-05NF?Binh Duong customers choose

Through the search process, customers in Binh Duong have chosen HSD-05NF metal fast rolling door in Saigon Nam Phat as a door device to support warehouse protection for businesses.

Binh Duong customers choose metal fast rolling doors

After consulting and working, Saigon Nam Phat signed a contract with Binh Duong customer. The consulting and installation team in Saigon Nam Phat came to the place to measure and install the metal roller shutter equipment.

Recently, the metal fast rolling door project has been accepted under the satisfied observation of customers and put into operation.

3. Supply and installation unit of metal fast rolling door HSD-05NF

Saigon Nam Phat is a longtime manufacturer and supplier of HSD-05NF metal roller shutter doors to customers nationwide. Not only metal fast rolling doors, but all door lines in Saigon Nam Phat are manufactured according to European standards.

Saigon Nam Phat – Supplier of metal fast rolling doors HSD-05NF

In addition to consulting and designing, Saigon Nam Phat also provides consulting and product installation services for domestic and foreign customers.

Saigon Nam Phat has also provided the optimal metal rolling door solution for Binh Duong customers, what are you waiting for without quickly owning this unique fingerprint sensor product.

Customers who are not sure about product information, please visit the website for more detailed information or leave email, phone number Our team of consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

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