The car manufacturer chooses the standard quick roll doors at Naviflex. As a large company specializing in the production of automobiles with famous domestic and foreign brands. To ensure that the production process takes place safely and meets absolute standards. Customers in Hai Phong have decided to choose standard fast rolling doors at Naviflex. So what features does the quick roll door possess? Why customers choose? The article below will probably be for you.

1. The car manufacturer chooses the standard quick rolling door at Naviflex

The client is a start-up company in the automotive manufacturing sector. The products have been conquering domestic and foreign customers. To achieve that success, the company not only invests in human resources, but also requires a safe production area. Ensure elements meet high quality standards. Currently, the company has many branches with production workshops that require modern machinery and equipment for the production process.

Currently, the company is looking for fast rolling shutters to protect the car production area for the branch in Hai Phong. To complete the mechanical parts of the vehicle, it is required that the components are not dusty. In addition, minimizing environmental factors affecting the production process.

After the process of discussing and working with a team of consultants of Saigon Nam Phat. Customers in Hai Phong have decided to choose the standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF Naviflex as a "effective tool" at the factory.

The car manufacturer chooses the standard quick rolling door at Naviflex

2. What are the characteristics of Naviflex standard quick rolling doors?

Standard Quick Roll Door (HSD01-NF) with the characteristics of fast opening and closing speed 0.6m/s - 2m/s. With the main function is to limit heat loss, prevent insects and dirt from entering. Installed a lot in cool and cold storage areas where doors operate with high frequency.

The door is designed modern, luxurious, compact and durable. Curtains are made of PVC coated double-sided polyester fabric (optional curtain color). Door frame and cover box are made of galvanized steel with powder coating or stainless steel for high durability, motor. With the ability to operate with high frequency and continuously (2 times/day).

Standard quick rolling doors at Naviflex

Roller shutters follow the roller through the force of the motor combined with a modern control system. The safety sensor works by rolling back when there is an obstacle, ensuring safe use.

Standard fast rolling door HSD01-NF is a modern line of fast rolling doors. Considered as the optimal solution to minimize risks and operating costs in warehouses, food processing workshops, etc. Or areas where heat loss, insects, and dirt should be minimized...

3. Completing the project of Naviflex fast rolling doors in Hai Phong

Customers in Hai Phong are big companies, not only demanding on quality. It also requires a thorough installation process. After timely production, Naviflex conducts quality checks and corrects according to customer requirements.

Standard fast rolling doors are carefully cleaned and carefully packed before being shipped and installed in Hai Phong. All processes are carried out by the installation staff at Naviflex.

Recently, the door system has just been completed and put into operation under the supervision and monitoring of customers.

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Finishing Naviflex standard fast rolling doors in Hai Phong

4. The company that manufactures and installs the most prestigious roller shutter doors today

Naviflex is a brand specializing in manufacturing import and export door systems, warehouses... Under the management of Saigon Nam Phat. In addition to consulting and designing on request, Naviflex also provides transportation and installation services. Naviflex specializes in manufacturing and supplying fast rolling doors, sliding ceiling doors, cold storage doors… Naviflex also provides PVC curtains.

All products here are manufactured according to European technology standards, meeting the needs and desires of customers to the fullest extent. Therefore, Naviflex is a unit worthy of customers' attention and trust.

The most prestigious standard fast rolling door manufacturing company today

If your business is also in need of installing door products in the production process and protecting warehouses and factories, do not hesitate to contact us.

Naviflex has been building a nationwide distribution network. In addition, it also promotes exports to countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and free trade partner countries.

Contact Naviflex for advice and support today.

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