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Based on actual business operations and legal regulations, we reserve the right to edit, add or remove content as appropriate, all changes will be publicly posted on the website.


“Seller/We” referred to herein is Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company (Saigon Nam Phat for short) including all subsidiaries, branches, employees, representatives. and affiliated organizations.

“Buyer/Customer/Friend” is a website visitor who needs to consult Saigon Nam Phat's products and services or buy and use products and services provided by Saigon Nam Phat and have the right to own the product. services in accordance with current regulations.

The brands of each product line will be mentioned clearly and in detail by Saigon Nam Phat in the contract document.


  • Using the purchased service for any purpose, in any form, in violation of Vietnamese law, causing harm to minors in any way.
  • Violating current regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications as well as current regulations of Vietnamese law on illegal acts on the internet.
  • Store or transmit data that may constitute or encourage other forms of illegality; or commit acts of infringing upon copyright, intellectual property rights or infringing on business secrets, infringing upon the legitimate rights of Saigon Nam Phat.


The method and time of payment by cash or bank transfer, based on the agreement between Saigon Nam Phat and the Buyer, will be clearly stated in the contract.

The unit price will be kept fixed as agreed, unchanged throughout the contract performance, even in the event of price slippage.


The seller is responsible for providing the product to the buyer as agreed in the contract. Ensure the correct address information is provided by the purchaser in the purchase order and at the specified time or as appropriate by the customer.

Buyer needs to check product status and confirm on delivery note. Customers need to keep relevant documents to solve arising problems related to products (if any).

The seller will not be responsible for objective reasons that delay delivery such as transportation problems, delays from suppliers, labor disputes, natural disasters, or any other any matter beyond the control of the seller.


Saigon Nam Phat has the right to take photos and store photos during the delivery, construction and installation of the products we provide. This includes the status quo before, during the installation and after the completion of the project.


Seller warrants that any necessary licenses relating to the product remain and will be in full force and effect. Scope of the license is suitable for the intended use of the purchaser

The Seller will perform the work according to the technical and quality requirements shown in the Contract. Ensure the quality of the Goods in accordance with the standards and technical requirements specified in the Contract. Provide full documents including: payment request, acceptance record certified by the buyer, valid VAT invoice.


In no event shall Saigon Nam Phat be responsible for any damage, loss or damage suffered by the buyer unless caused by the willful fault of Saigon Nam Phat. Saigon Nam Phat's liability to the buyer (if any) is limited to the value of the product in the contract.


Orders may be canceled only with prior written contractual agreement of both buyer and seller.

Any party that unilaterally terminates the signed contract for any reason will be fined a reasonable fee based on the total value of the order and on the status of the order as specified in the contract.

Cases of suspension of Contract performance

a. The Seller performing the Contract does not guarantee the quality and technical requirements as prescribed in the Contract.

b. Cases of force majeure.

c. The buyer has the right to suspend performance of the contract if the seller fails to make the payment as agreed in the contract.

d. Notice of suspension of Contract performance: When one party suspends Contract performance due to the fault of the other party, that party must notify the other party in writing and jointly discuss and resolve to continue. continue to properly perform the Contract.

Cases of contract cancellation

a. Before proceeding to cancel the Contract, the Buyer must immediately notify the Seller of the cancellation; if failure to give notice causes damage to the seller, the buyer must indemnify the seller for all actual damages incurred.

b. When the Contract is canceled, the Contract will not take effect from the time of signing.

We ensure that the regulations and policies in the terms are set out to protect the interests of users with the right purpose, and at the same time aim at service quality and long-term stability. Policies also aim to prevent abusive or illegal behavior.

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