Ceiling fan help bring the air inside out and provide fresh outside air in, creating a well-ventilated space. Especially necessary in closed rooms, with a lot of moisture, to ensure a fresh environment.

Principle of operation

The fan usually works on the principle of centrifugal with a bearing motor, has high durability, does not make noise when operating.

Based on the design and installation ability of ceiling fans can be divided into 2 types:

Connector type: Ceiling fan with connecting pipe is a specialized fan line for buildings with ventilation duct system design. Usually a fan is composed of 2 air pipes in and 2 air pipes out.

Species 2-way ventilation: is a type of ventilation fan without connecting pipes, taking in the air and exhausting it when the noise is disturbed by the movement of the fan. The 2-way ventilation fan is an easy-to-install fan that does not require a ventilation system.


• Save energy consumption
• Easy to install, replace parts and clean
• Elegant and sophisticated design suitable for any space
• Smooth operation without making noise
• Improve the environment, ensure the health of users


Ceiling fans are very diverse, each size and specification of each type of fan will be suitable for many different spaces. Usually used in offices, apartments, bathrooms…

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