Industrial door, door system logistics solutions help businesses feel secure to protect their warehouse and factory assets, reduce time, and increase production productivity.

The current industrial door lines It is no longer strange to every business when the need for security, hygiene or anti-intrusion, food storage becomes more necessary than ever.

Industrial door are products suitable for large areas such as factories, warehouses, industrial parks. The installation of rolling doors must also meet technical processes to ensure the highest safety for the project.

What are industrial doors?

Industrial door is one of the lines warehouse rolling door are being applied by many businesses in the production process of goods at their current factories or warehouses.

Industrial doors for warehouses
Industrial doors for warehouses

The need to develop and expand warehouses and factories for production is a prerequisite for business development. And the problem of protecting assets and goods at the place of production, reducing risks of costs, workers, etc. are the main factors that businesses are facing in the process of expanding factories and warehouses.

Logistics solutions will help businesses solve the above problem, specifically products equipment for factory warehouses. These products always play a very important role, especially factory door, indispensable equipment for factories, warehouses of enterprises in the production process.

Understanding the needs of your business, Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company industrial door production service send to customers and businesses Naviflex door lines for factories, warehouses and installations at the place where your goods are manufactured.

Industrial doors

On the market today, industrial rolling door line always diverse not only in design, material but also in size factory rolling door also change according to the needs of enterprises, applied to warehouses, factories and factories.

Quick rolling door With the English name High Speed ​​Door, this is a line of pvc rolling doors that are being used by many businesses and applied to warehouses and factories. This product works based on the sensor when a person or forklift passes by the door or is installed with a remote control romote, SEE DETAILS

Ceiling sliding door This is the Overhead Door series, made of easy-to-use aluminum alloy material, this product can be used outside the factory, warehouse, can be applied in indoor parking garages or other places. other places, SEE DETAILS

Cold storage door The English term is Cold Door, this door model is specially designed for cold storage. Designed in a sliding or hinged form, this product is made with special insulation materials used in cold storage to preserve the escape of cold air between the cold inside and the hot outside during the cooling process. frozen food storage. In addition, it is very effective in sound insulation, electrical insulation, heat insulation, SEE DETAILS

Automatic revolving door The English name is Swing Door, this is a fairly simple door design, the design is also very diverse depending on the needs of customers to use. This is a door line with 2 wings and is hinged on a fixed wall, accompanied by a material that can be a plastic door or a stainless steel door. Products are widely applied in warehouses with continuous shipments, in places such as supermarkets, restaurants, food processing, etc. SEE DETAILS

Fireproof door Fire Door, also known as Fire Door, with one main use is to prevent fire, to prevent fire from spreading inside the room, when a fire incident occurs. Because it is fireproof, the door is designed separately with fireproof material for the period from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. This is a door line that is widely applied at the exits of buildings, factories, warehouses, hospitals, etc. to protect the safety of people's lives when fire and explosion incidents occur. SEE DETAILS

Metal rolling door belongs to the common rolling door series on the market, widely applied in factories and warehouses. In addition, this line of rolling shutters is also used in civil in residential areas, small indoor parking warehouses, etc. With a structure designed from stainless steel materials, the product always brings durability and reliability. absolute safety for people as well as property, SEE DETAILS

Pictures of industrial doors at factories and warehouses

Industrial quick rolling door

Industrial ceiling sliding door

Industrial cold storage doors

Industrial automatic revolving door

Industrial fire doors

Industrial metal rolling door
Advantages of industrial doors

• Easy installation and construction
• Designed according to ROHS, HACCP, ISO and GMP standards
• Advanced motor technology also capable of working with high frequency
• Models, designs, sizes suitable to customers' requirements

Door applications applied in industry

• Used in places with high circulation of goods, meeting special needs, the ability to open and close quickly should avoid the loss of cold air, prevent dust, pollution odors caused by people and goods.

• Applied in the pharmaceutical industry with high requirements on environment, priority on hygiene. Because it is constructed with stainless steel or composite materials, it prevents corrosion, so exposure to wet environments is not a problem.

• This line of doors also serves the car production stage, is the logistics stage for the car assembly process, ensuring absolute safety.

With the above series of doors, it will help customers solve logistics problems more easily and answer the reasons why it is necessary to use this type of logistics equipment in factories, warehouses of enterprises.

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Address providing industrial doors 

Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company, with more than 5 years of experience, understanding how businesses are in need of logistics solutions, we always want to "Give Quality - Get Trust" on equipment product lines. logistics, namely the line industrial doors for warehouses business in the most optimal way.

Door manufacturing process applied new, advanced and modern techniques at rolling door factory our own. Products are manufactured according to European standards, with CE, ISO, GMP, HACCP, ROHS certificates.

So let buy industrial doors For warehouses where is good and assured of quality as well as warranty, Saigon Nam Phat is the place for businesses to constantly be afraid to learn about warehouse door products, we will quote the best price to your business that is in need of industrial door products.

As a line supplier Naviflex industrial doors, Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company is proud to be a supplier of prestigious and quality industrial doors. With a team of consultants and installers with many years of experience, we will bring you absolute satisfaction.

Industrial door distribution scope

With long-term experience in providing high quality warehouse door system solutions. The distribution scope of Saigon Nam Phat's products is increasingly expanding.

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