Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company will deliver goods to your place throughout the territory of Vietnam.

1. Please carefully check the goods, compare the products with the vouchers, warranty card (if any) before receiving. In case you ask a relative to receive the goods, you still need to check the goods carefully before receiving. After successful delivery, Saigon Nam Phat is only responsible if there is a technical error caused by the Manufacturer (according to the Exchange/Return and warranty policy), all other cases will not be responsible. ours.

2. Please note: All products sold by Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company have all documents such as: Sales Invoice; or (and) Delivery Note; or (and) Delivery Notes; or (and) Financial Invoice (if requested by the customer). Therefore, customers have the right to refuse to receive goods when they do not have 1 of the 4 types of documents above, this is to ensure product quality, buy the right goods from Saigon Nam Phat, and at the same time ensure your interests in the future. Exchange/Return.

3. Delivery time may be slower than expected for a number of reasons such as: Customer address is incorrect, Customer is not present at the place of receipt, Delivery staff cannot contact customer, natural disaster , fire, etc. If due to Saigon Nam Phat's reason, we will contact you to re-arrange a reasonable delivery time.

4. In case the customer has not received the goods after the estimated time has passed, please give us feedback so that we can take the fastest remedial measures. During the waiting time, if you want to change your order (Change products, Don't want to receive goods, …), please notify Saigon Nam Phat so we can deal with it.

Delivery via passenger car (garage) at bus stations

  • Normally, this form of delivery will apply to customers in districts, provinces far from the center and customers who have acquaintances - close friends who trust passenger cars.
  • Saigon Nam Phat will deliver goods to you via passenger car according to the requirements of the customer.
  • Please provide us with accurate information about the garage: Name of the garage (name of the vehicle), Full name of the owner (or driver, assistant), License plate, time of arrival and departure at the following locations. bus station, ... and some other information.
  • Please pay the full value of the order before Saigon Nam Phat delivers the goods or the owner (home) of the passenger car will pay the entire value of the order before receiving. At the same time, you should ask the car owner (the consignee from Saigon Nam Phat) to carefully check the goods before receiving.

Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company