With a team of professional and enthusiastic technical staff ready to serve customers from North to South. In order to ensure efficient customer service and after-sales service during the use of the product, Saigon Nam Phat Company commits to fully implement the maintenance and warranty procedures for products that customers have purchased from the company. company according to the following policy:

1. Warranty commitment

After designing and constructing the work, Saigon Nam Phat commits to guarantee the work from the date of handover and put into use, the warranty period will be specified in the contract depending on the conditions.

Currently, the company is providing different types of products such as: High Speed ​​Door, cold storage door, Overhead Door, insect killer light (Insect Killer), windscreen fan (Insect Killer). Air Curtain) with different customer warranties.

2. Warranty and maintenance conditions

  • Warranty only for products that customers buy directly or a third party buys products.
  • We will carry out warranty for any problems related to technical, installation process.
  • When requesting for warranty and maintenance, customers must keep a certificate of purchase from the company.

3. No warranty with cases

Warranty and maintenance will not apply to works or products that are damaged due to accidents, misuse or improper use by users. With insecticidal lamp products, the warranty will only be due to manufacturer's fault. Curtains/curtains will not be warranted in case of chemical use or human impact such as scissor, tearing.

Most of the details of the warranty process will be clearly stated in the contract, please read carefully and respond to the sales staff to receive the best support.

4. Warranty cost

Saigon Nam Phat Company will bear all costs in case of errors provided by the manufacturer.

With the cost of repair, replacement or installation arising from the customer, please pay according to the actual cost of materials and components.

5. Maintenance

Committed to providing customers with the best quality service. In addition, with the mission of giving customers peace of mind during warehouse operation, Saigon Nam Phat provides repair and maintenance services if required by customers.