High speed rolling door for the factory. High-performance plastic roller shutters specifically designed to ensure optimum safety and quick opening can be used in cleanrooms to help meet regulatory compliance and product quality needs. They help maintain a hygienic environment with a range of features seamlessly integrated into their design. Join us to learn about this high-speed plastic rolling door system!

1. High speed rolling doors

High speed rolling doors Naviflex is designed to control temperature and humidity conditions in warehouses to ensure safe and smooth operation of loading and unloading areas. In fact, fast rolling doors not only use advanced technologies to operate but also support easy circulation with opening and closing speeds of min 0.6 – max 2 m/s. This saves time and costs, minimizes heat loss, and prevents potential risks such as dust, insects, food hygiene, and safety.

High speed door Naviflex

With the feature that the door body is made of PVC coated 2-sided polyester fabric, the frame is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel (depending on the environment and conditions of the installation area). Doors are used to install outside the warehouse or between the separating areas between the workshops. This is an indispensable solution for the processing and manufacturing areas of pharmaceutical chemicals. Helping the factory to meet safety standards in production operation: ISO 14000, ISO 45001:2018, ROHS, HACCP, GMP…

2. High speed rolling door prices

Currently, on the market, there are many units that provide quick opening and closing roller shutters, but not all units provide quality products. You should consider different addresses to choose the right bridge for your needs.

Currently, Naviflex, the exclusive brand in Sai Gon Nam Phat is one of the leading brands specializing in the production of rolling shutter doors in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and nationwide in general.

With the motto of putting customers’ interests first, Naviflex is committed to bringing PVC rolling door equipment at an optimal price. In addition, the company also supports transportation and installation to the place with a warranty policy for customers buying here.

You need a detailed quote for a Naviflex High speed door, you just need to provide:

  • High speed door drawings and specifications. (as required)
  • Load of the bridge.
  • Color if the customer wishes.
  • Quantity.
  • And especially customer name, company name, phone number, shipping address, email (as required).
High speed rolling door prices

A team of consultants will actively contact for advice and quote quickly, avoiding losing customers’ time.

3. Specifications of High speed rolling fabric door

Unlike traditional doors or other brands, roller shutters are more modern, opening or closing speed is faster, safe to use, and durable.

  • Maximum size (WxH): 6000×6000 mm.
  • Door opening/closing speed: 0.6 – 2.0m/s.
  • Curtains: Double-sided polyester fabric with PVC coating.
  • Curtain thickness: 1 – 2 (mm) (According to request).
  • Technology: ASTM standard powder coating (door frame and cover box).
  • Noise level: R<30dB.
  • Working temperature: -15˚C to +50˚C.
  • Control system: Optional based on frequency, open area, environmental conditions.
  • Safety device: Safety sensor, rollback.
  • Power (motor): 0.75 – 2.2 (Kw) (depending on door area and installation environment).
  • Dust and water-resistant rating: IP55 / IP65.
  • Voltage: 1 phase 220 ± 10% V, 50 / 60HZ or 3 phase 380 ± 10% V, 50 / 60HZ.

4. Rolling door and loading dock services

Your manufacturing business is looking for a supplier of door systems for factories that both control security, temperature and ensure safety during operation.

Currently, Naviflex, the exclusive brand in Sai Gon Nam Phat is consulting, designing, and manufacturing industrial rolling door systems according to European technology standards such as High speed doors, Overhead doors, Roller shutter doors… All are manufactured on modern lines, meeting absolute safety, saving operating costs, and increasing efficiency when used.

In addition, Sai Gon Nam Phat also provides lifting equipment, temperature control during import and export with equipment such as Dock Leveler, Mobile Ramp, Scissor Lift table… branded Navidock.

Rolling door and loading dock services

Coming to Sai Gon Nam Phat, customers will receive on-site transportation and installation services with full warranty and maintenance services.

Currently, Naviflex door systems are present and serving customers in all provinces and industrial zones such as Dong Xoai Industrial Park, Dong Nam Industrial Park, Hoanh Bo Industrial Park…

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