Selecting the correct width, height and depth of the Inflatable Dock Shelter, in combination with the height of the top curtain and the width of the side curtains ensures optimal sealing between the warehouse and vehicle whilst also providing a clear opening through which to load and unload.

Since each loading and unloading situation is unique, Loading Systems can deliver any required dock shelter width or height. Furthermore, the top curtain and side curtains are also available in a variety of dimensions

Standard widths:3000/3200/3400 (mm)
Platform height :3000/3200/3400/4400 (mm)
Profile color :Nhôm
Coefficient of friction:0.3
Coefficient of frictionPVC:0.4
Thickness PVC:3 mm
PVC Curtain :3.6 kg/m
Working temperature:  -35℃ to +70℃
Thickness :40mm
The largest tensile ability:3.0 KN/m2
Panel :Sa2
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